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The following programs are offered through Vednita Carter Ministries.

Offender Prostitution Program – End the DEMAND


The Offender Prostitution Program (John School) assists organizations to create an OPP School in their community targeted for demand-side offenders of prostitution with the specific goal to eliminate repeat offenses and complementing goal of spreading information on trafficking related issues throughout the community.

    • Monthly webinars will be provided, these webinars will cover different issues on prostitution/sex-trafficking monthly
    • Training and Education – Prostitution 101, 102
    • How to start a  non-profit
    • Nationally known key note speakers available

Ministry Programs

  • Online bible study
    • Weekly on line bible studies will be provided through You Tube, this study will help individuals understand the difference between knowing the bible and actually applying it to their lives.
    • Early morning Daily Bread reading and Prayer will be given through face time
    • Yearly Christian Conferences

Children’s Program


  • Don’t forget the kids
  • Weekly Story Telling Webinars
  • Yearly Children’s Christmas Party
  • Monthly Webinars “Let’s Talk About It”


Humanitarian Efforts

  • Give to the Needy
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Individual Giving
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